Pipe Machine (Apple Swift)


I wont describe this project in detail, but I will make only some considerations.

Pipe Machine is a game where blue, yellow, green and red gauges indicate steam pressure in the machine for the given color; to lower the pressure of a given gauge you will have to connect the entry and the exit point pipes of the corresponding color; gauges of a certain color will rise only when the entry and exit point of that color is present on the board. The game is endless with achievements system gameplay. The game is over when a gauge reaches its maximum pressure level.

Apple Swift

Apple swift is quite easy and fun to learn programming language. You can find documentation and tutorials from the specific web site or from Apple’s e-books you can download to your iPad. It’s a programming language that represents Apple’s philosophy: smart, agile, back-compatibility careless, frantic update (in the earlier versions at least).

Game assets design

Starting this project I had no idea on how to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Some assets (the tubes) have been designed by Francesca A. and others from riedjal from Fiverr.com based on my sketches. Then I fixed all the assets for the programming purposes (resolution and layering). So Illustrator is not so tough.

Sounds and music were taken from https://opengameart.org (CC BY 3.0 assets licensing)

How to start a game developing?

I started from this wonderful tutorial from raywenderlich.com, VERY MUCH APPRECIATED and many thanks to Kevin Colligan.

This was the result in the very early stage

…then it was this

and finally Pipe Machine 1.0